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Hi- My name is Glenna. This is just a side blog from my regularly used one: http://glenniewrenmcgee.tumblr.com/
This is where i post the art, illustrations and music that inspire my artwork.


La Heroica - live painting for the Face of Cartagena official party organised by This Is Cartagena

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Gab Collab submissions by me.

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British-Nigerian sketch artist Kevin Okafor photographs each step of his drawings, you get a glimpse at his technique, and it is impressive how he uses charcoal for the hair—he smudges it, and then with a pen eraser thinly threads and creates highlights. He also uses other materials such as Faber-Castell graphite and black colored pencils.

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Influenced by 16th Century Baroque opulence and Gothic design, Adam Wallacavage’sShiny Monsters show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, is as sumptuous as it is unusual. His current solo exhibition is an installation project consisting of multiple gallery spaces that showcase his exquisite and bizarre chandeliers. Some of his recent works in the show featuring toys and Hello Kitty iconography are inspired by pop culture and Wallacavage’s love of vintage Americana.

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